MOTSUS is probably the 100th band to revel in the sludgy, heavy sounds of Black Sabbath and Kyuss. Their music is dead slow and heavy, sometimes razor fast but foremost persistent, as a long fully loaded freight train.

Hailing from the West-Flemish poldercity Oudenburg, this 3-piece joined forces in the fall of 2012. They bring you instrumental polder rock, a mix of heavy stoner riffs, contemporary sludge-metal and old-school hard rock. Their sound is raw, sinister and dark.
With a great DIY-spirit, they started bulldozing the underground scene, sharing stages with Maudlin., Brutus, Fire Down Below, Briqueville and DRS. Armed with their first self-titled EP (2014, Polderrecords) featuring own artwork, they toured heavily with partners in crime Idealus Maximus, bringing them all over Flanders in the fall of 2014.

Now it’s time for them to release their first concept album: “Oumuamua”.
Like an explorer from a distant galaxy, scanning our tiny blue planet, they sent out Oumuamua. Through its sound and music, it will leave a big permanent yawp to the dark of space and time. Its noise will be heard all over the intergalactic space. It will make you want to move – even dance. It might trick you into screaming along. It will make you wonder, perhaps trigger you into thinking about life and purpose itself. But it surely will make a lot of noise – like a big hell of a fuck you to the void.


Releasedate 24/03/2018 on POLDERRECORDS.



No shows booked at the moment.


<<<< PAST SHOWS >>>>

Date City Venue
21/04 MIDDELKERKE JH De Paravang
Time: 8:00pm. ( W/ Cowboys and Aliens, Comet Street & Majestic Sun ) More information
21/04 Diest Space Fuzz Records
Time: 8:00pm. ( W/ Electric Jaguar Baby & Kozmotron ) More information
14/04 ROESELARE De Verlichte Geest
Time: 8:00pm. ( W/ Comet Street, Atomic Vulture, Loose Lisence, Crowsview & BEUK ) More information
01/04 GENT Kinky Star
Time: 8:00pm. More information
24/03 OUDENBURG J.O.C. ‘t Scharnier
Time: 8:00pm. Address: Hoogstraat 17. ( W/ Vrovl, Stonemule & Wollow Witch ) Related post. More information
17/03 ROOSDAAL JH Splinter
Time: 8:00pm. ( W/ Majestic Sun & Cavaran ) More information
02/03 BRUGGE JH Comma
Time: 8:00pm. ( W/ Stories From The Lost, Locus Control & Grotto ) More information
02/02 BRUGGE Villa Bota
Time: 8:00pm. ( W/ Wyatt E. ) More information
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: € 6 / € 8 / € 10. ( support for BRIQUEVILLE ) More information
24/02 BRUGGE JH Comma
Time: 8:00pm. ( Fire Down Below Release show /w Lost Baron )
17/02 BRUGGE JH Comma
Time: 8:00pm. RGMC: Psychonaut, Terraformer, Motsus en Grotto Cancelled More information
19/11 BRUGGE Villa Bota
Time: 8:00pm. ( OBEY THE RIFF /w Tangled Horns & TBC )
29/10 OUDENBURG J.O.C. ‘t Scharnier
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: € 4,50. Address: Hoogstraat 17. ( /w Cowboys & Aliens and Lost Baron ) More information
25/06 Torhout JH De Troubadour
Time: 7:00pm. ( /w Cowboys & Aliens, BlackmailD ) More information
11/06 SNAASKERKE (Gistel) JC Shibam
Time: 7:00pm. ( /w Lethal Injury & Monomad ) More information
07/05 Merksplas Jeugdhuis Zigzag
Time: 7:00pm. Address: Kloosterstraat 7. ( /w Tangled Horns, Psychonaut, Hermànn ) More information
09/04 MIDDELKERKE JH De Paravang
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: € 5,00. ( /w Carneia, Betonkopf & Vincent Vegas ) More information
27/02 Harelbeke CC Het Spoor1
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: € 6. Address: Eilandstraat 6. ( /w Toner Low (NL), The Heavy Corwn, Moonward, Kolos, Verified Amateurs & Stain ) More information
20/02 OOSTENDE Elysée
Time: 7:00pm. Address: Christinastraat 18. ( /w DRS, Mostly Whites, Tango mi amor, Firestraight, Eastwood, … ) More information
12/02 Merksplas Jeugdhuis Zigzag
Time: 7:00pm. Address: Kloosterstraat 7. ( /w MIAVA & Psychonaut ) More information
06/02 LOKEREN T-Klub Jeugdhuis
Time: 7:00pm. ( /w Monomad en Kidney Punch ) More information
Time: 7:00pm. Address: Aartrijkestraat 92. (/w Cavalli(uk), Atomic Vulture & The Article Sixties) More information
27/12 GENT ‘t Floere Foefke
Time: 5:00pm. Address: Molenaarstraat 3. (/w Majestic Sun & Bufferstate) More information
24/10 OOSTENDE CC De Grote Post
Time: 6:30pm. Admission: € 6.00. (/w Free Thinkers Clan, Black Tolex, Seagull, etc…) Related post. More information
10/10 LEFFINGE De Zwerver
Time: 6:00pm. ( /w Easy Reds, Edgar, Lethal Injury, Nemo & Seagulls ) Related post. More information
04/10 ROKSEM Kermis (Vrij-podium)
Time: 2:00pm. ( TBC ) Related post.
22/08 TBC TBC
Time: 6:00pm. ( TBC )
27/06 OOSTENDE Elysée
Time: 6:00pm. Admission: € 11. Address: Christinastraat 18. ( /w MAUDLIN, MIAVA, BIRDS, more tbc ) Related post.
05/06 ROESELARE De Verlichte Geest
Time: 6:00pm. ( /w MIAVA & Apocalipsis (MX) ) Related post.
18/04 OUDENBURG Ipso Facto
Time: 7:00pm. Admission: € 12. ( POLDERROCK /w The Ghost And You, The RG’s, CamelToe & EX-RZ ) Related post.
09/04 BRUGGE JH Comma
Time: 7:00pm. ( /w Desert Drones, Beuk, Noble & The Isegrim) More information
Tour: Herfst 2014 (/w Idealus Maximus)
28/12 GENT Kinky Star
Time: 8:00pm. ( /w Idealus Maximus )
19/12 ROOSDAAL JH Splinter
Time: 8:00pm. ( /w Idealus Maximus )
28/11 KORTRIJK Cinepalace
Time: 8:00pm. ( /w Idealus Maximus )
22/11 OUDENBURG J.O.C. ‘t Scharnier
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: € 4. Address: Hoogstraat 17. ( /w Idealus Maximus, Brutus & Chok Tow Nation ) Related post.
08/11 DIEST JH Tijl
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: € 5. ( /w Idealus Maximus & Breakfast at midnight )
01/11 IEPER TAZ Vortn Vis
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: € 4. ( /w Idealus Maximus )
24/10 TORHOUT JH Closjard
Time: 8:00pm. ( /w Idealus Maximus )
18/10 GENT Sunbakedsnowcave
Time: 8:00pm. ( Oorpijnconcerts presents: Idealus Maximus cd releas /w Swamp Machine (NL) )
10/10 AALTER JC Kadans
Time: 8:00pm. ( /w Idealus Maximus )
05/10 ROKSEM Kermis (Vrij-podium)
Time: 2:00pm. ( Vrij-podium /w X-Cons and many more )
Tour: Herfst 2014 (/w Idealus Maximus)
04/10 KOEKELARE De Blaaspijp
Time: 9:00pm. ( /w Idealus Maximus )
24/05 SNAASKERKE (Gistel) JC Shibam
Time: 7:00pm. ( /w To Be Confirmed )
17/05 GISTEL JH Uzuz
Time: 7:00pm. ( ROCK RALLY /w Whiplash + Free Thinkers Clan + Watch Out For The Giants + Incest Analfest + Kollos ) Cancelled
16/04 BRUGGE JH Comma
Time: 7:30pm. ( Commarocks /w Monkey Juice + Waxflower + We Are Ooh People ) Related post. More information
10/01 BRUGGE JH Comma
Time: 8:00pm. ( /w Them Chemicals & Scumbag ) Related post.
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: € 3.00. Address: Aartrijkestraat 92. ( /with Birdman Of Alkatrash + Atom ) Related post.
23/08 KOEKELARE Kioskrock
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: FREE. /w TBA Related post. Cancelled
20/07 ZERKEGEM Rock Zerkegem
Time: 5:15pm. /w Band Nextdoor, The Glücks, ….. TBA More information
21/06 OLSENE JH ‘t Sloefke
Time: 8:00pm. ( /w Rule 9 & Entropy ) Related post.
27/04 GENT Den Drummer
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: FREE. ( Spanbal Stoner Sessions /w Idealus Maximus )
19/04 BREDENE JH De Caproen
Time: 8:00pm. ( LATENT TALENT /w monopole & Birdman of Alkatrash ) Related post. More information
23/02 OUDENBURG J.O.C. ‘t Scharnier
Time: 8:00pm. Admission: € 2.00. Address: Hoogstraat 17. ( MAUDLIN release party /w Maudlin, A Hero Build & Birthday Suit ) Related post. More information

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