Day: November 11, 2019


Voidian, forged by 3 shadows. Doctor Witch (bass and vocals), Sergeant Doom (guitars) and Mister Void (drums and vocals). Unleashing a fury of pure desolate, nightmarish Doom metal, mixed with ferocious Sludge, atmospheric Post-Rock and experimental Drone. Voidian plays dark music exclusively.

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Rawdriguez is a fix for metalheads who like their music raw and groovy.With members from Channel Zero, After All, Cowboys & Aliens, Locus Control and Damn Your Idols. Heavy riffing, pounding low end, powerfull groove laden drums and intense searing vocals. Welcome to the Groove Machine collectively known as Rawdriguez. Enjoy the ride. Gunther Uytterhoeven […]

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CARNEIA is a Belgian post-metal band with members from King Hiss and MIAVA and is inspired by bands such as Tool and Faith No more. “Voices of the Void”, CARNEIA’s fourth studio effort, creates an eclectic wall of sound that combines thoughtful riffs, a variety of rhythmic styles, instrumental improvisation and dynamical vocal lines. All […]

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