Lost Baron – Dark Messiah (DIGIPACK)

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2022 marks a new beginning for Lost Baron, that is now a full-on three-piece metal monster containing of Jannick Verlinde (guitars-vocals), Bert Dewaele (bass-vocals) and Dieter Lafaut (drums).

Their first full length “Dark Messiah”, recorded and produced by Martin Furia, takes you on the journey with the ever evolving bastard king, caught in a psychotic torment with internal struggles and megalomania. The soundtrack to this is packed with dynamic riffs, psychotic vocals, dark and sinister with a hardcore attitude, nineties vibes and a little black metal sauce. Are you ready to meet the Dark Messiah?

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Format: CD, Album, Ltd edition, Digipack
Country: Belgium
Released: December 2, 2022

Limited edition of 500 DIGIPACK.

1.Dark Messiah
2.Bastard Blood Is Back
3.Mass Control
4.High Ropes
5.Devour The Lambs
6.Ancient Call For Blood
7.Mask Of Sanity
8.A Parasite, A Plague view

Lost Baron is Jannick Verlinde, Dieter Lafaut and Bert Dewaele
Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin Furia at Trix Antwerp,
Drums engineered by Frank Rothier at Trix Antwerp,
Preproduction by Dominiek Hoet at Studio Scampi.

Artwork by Timothy Verlinde, layout by Bert Dewaele.