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sat. Januari 19th 2013: 36 Degrees & Juragay @ De Verlichte Geest (ROESELARE)

This saterday (19-01) 36 Degrees & Juragay give there last show of the now famous “Tour of Duty”-tour. If you haven’t seen them the last couple of months – now is the time! ‘De Verlichte Geest‘ is very cool rock & metal cafĂ© in the heart of Roeselare. RSVP:

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Happy New Year!!!

We all wish you a happy New-Year! From – 36 Degrees, Juragay, Nasty Billy Hamilton, Semper Fi, Ten Square Feet, MOTSUS, The Suspenders. MOTSUS started to practice their entire set for their first performance ever (Februari 23th @ J.O.C. ‘t Scharnier – OUDENBURG). And The Suspenders got some reinforcement from a trompet player!!!! Excited? Check […]

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Friday 21st: Tour of Duty – 36 DEGREES / JURAGAY

Tomorrow – the end of the world – or the last great gig in the sky (atleast for 2012!). Come and see 36 Degrees & Juragay live at the Vivaldi (WIJNENDALE – BE). One free BBQ-Sausage for everyone (17u30)!! Don’t miss the end of the world – come to Wijnendale and wake up at the […]

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Friday, DEC 7th: Tour of Duty @ Charlie Rockets – BRUGGE

This friday Juragay & 36 Degrees live at Charlie Rockets – BRUGGE. Shows will start around 21u! FREE ENTRANCE. JOIN THE EVENT ON FACEBOOK

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update II

Updated the tourdates!! Go check 36 Degrees out – now that you still can! Only 3 shows left from their tour! Also some interesting dates in 2013 have been added. Expect a lot more – perhaps even some new bands too!

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