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Happy New Year!!!

We all wish you a happy New-Year! From – 36 Degrees, Juragay, Nasty Billy Hamilton, Semper Fi, Ten Square Feet, MOTSUS, The Suspenders. MOTSUS started to practice their entire set for their first performance ever (Februari 23th @ J.O.C. ‘t Scharnier – OUDENBURG). And The Suspenders got some reinforcement from a trompet player!!!! Excited? Check […]

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Update 2012

It’s probably a good thing that I lack the time to update the polderrecordssite! So many things have happend the last year alone – its hard for me to give credits to every single one of them. All I can say is – the poldertree will need a major update! These last three months of […]

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Hello world!

I did it again! Lost all the f*-data.. AGAIN! Note to myself: Get that backup thing and make it happen! Anyway – hope to get everything back up and running soon/fast again!   Maybe it’s time to actually revamp/rethink the whole Polderrecords website……

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