Happy New Year!!!

We all wish you a happy New-Year! From – 36 Degrees, Juragay, Nasty Billy Hamilton, Semper Fi, Ten Square Feet, MOTSUS, The Suspenders.

MOTSUS started to practice their entire set for their first performance ever (Februari 23th @ J.O.C. ‘t Scharnier – OUDENBURG).

And The Suspenders got some reinforcement from a trompet player!!!! Excited? Check them out in Februari 9th @ De Versteende Nacht – Brugge (see all their upcomming shows here)

But first – check out 36 Degrees & Juragay for their last show of the ‘Tour of Duty’-tour: Januari 19th 2013 – De Verlichte Geest – Roeselare !!!