PR025 – Cavaran – bulldozer

Cavaran was formed in Aalst in 2014 by Lieven Tronckoe (guitar), Patrick Van Der Haegen (bass) en Gert D’hondt (drums). They play their own kind of instrumental stoner rock, with recognisable songs balancing between raw and heavy grooves and psychedelic endeavours.

Each member of the band has his own roots and musical background, ranging from punk over stoner to metal. While in many bands the mix of individual influences ends up in a bland and characterless compromise, Cavaran actually succeeds in integrating those influences in a sonic trip that sounds strangely familiar and excitingly refreshing at the same time. The absence of vocals and sparse lineup of a power trio gives each member freedom: while bass and drums deliver heavy, pounding riffs, the guitar almost fills in the vocalist’s spot to fathom hell or soar angelic.

Their enthusiasm and eagerness brought them to several stages around the country and festivals like Blender Undercover and Loco Loco Fest. They’ve shared stages with bands like ¡Pendejo!, King Hiss, MOTSUS, they have crossed borders to play in the Netherlands and even ended up on national TV as house band for “De Ideale Wereld”. After some DIY demos they decided to work together with Tim Toegaert (De Fanfaar, Fleddy Melculy, Janez Dedt) to record their first proper EP, Bulldozer.

The band is proud to announce feature collaborations with Polderrecords. A first will be releasing Bulldozer on limited digipack.

Pre-orders starts Januari 8, 2021!

Limited Edition digipack
– limited up to 500 copies total

Releases Januari 22, 2021