PR031 – The RG’s – Your Head On A Stick

Early 2020, the bandmembers of THE RG’s were making plans to record a brand-new album. After one final show in January, the band retreated to their rehearsal studio to work on new tracks. Just then, Covid19 came along, and the world went into lockdown…

Jens, Wouter and Stijn had to rethink the way they created songs. With lots of time on their hands – hurray for lockdowns! – they started exchanging home recorded riffs, vocals and drum tracks. In no-time, the three musicians assembled a handful of promising demo songs. In the summer of 2020 the band started rehearsing these demo tracks, moulding them slowly into songs. It was then that the band reached out to Dominiek Hoet, who agreed to produce the new record. By September the band was ready for a full pre-production under the all-seeing eye of Dominiek Hoet. A few months later, they started recording at Studio Scampi (Waardamme). But Belgium went into lockdown again, and meeting up with people got increasingly difficult, so it took from February until June 2021 to finish the album.

Your Head on A Stick’ turned out to be a mind blowing blend of solid melody-driven-postpunk-noise rock songs, revealing a more mature and a more experimental sound then ever displayed before on previous the RG’s releases. It involves nine new tracks, with lyrics that are highly critical for society, tackling all kinds of political and social issues, and reflecting the weird Covid19 period where alienation, isolation and an all-round feeling of unease took over society…

Release date: Dec. 17th, 2021!

Limited Edition Digipack CD (500 copies) and digitally on all major streaming services including bandcamp.

Vinyl will be released somewhere early 2022. A pre-order will be launched when the date has been confirmed.

Releases Dec 17, 2021