PR035 – Darqo – DawnOfTheMeek

Darqo is a noise – doom – sludge monster from the West Flemish underbelly. Featuring members of MIAVA and Mindstab (RIP) they will send you on a path where catchy tunes and poppy beats do not exist. Darqo is crude, spontaneous and organic…Dire, haunting music for a lost society.

They already showed their skills on their first record NightsInTheScullery self-released in 2016 and they proof this again with their latest record DawnOfTheMeek (to be released Sept. 23th, 2022 on Polderrecords).

This record sizzles and swirls like musical magma straight to your ears, leaving a scorching trail behind. A healthy combination of noise, gaze and sludge. The entire process of writing and recording took no less than 4 years! Abruptly interrupted by a pandemic, they managed to turn this negative news into something beautiful. During this musical lockdown, they released an EP in 2021 under the name Tannhauser Gate.

When freedom gradually came closer, the new record was slowly but steadily finished. Cisco recorded the guitars in his attic. Thomas went to Wannes in his home studio. Jelle recorded the drums with Brecht and Bjørn finished the vocals at home. All this was put together and eventually headed to Sweden at Redmount Studios to get the final stamp. The result: a low and slow, but at times melodic and dreamy album that grabs you emotionally by the throat and doesn’t let go until the last note.


First single of the new album ‘DawnOfTheMeek‘ that will be released on September 23th 2022 by Polderrecords. This song combines the dreariness of darkgaze with the harshness and low-tuned sound of sludge. Perfect combo for a nearly 8 minute confrontation with yourself.