Wheel of Smoke

Wheel of Smoke was born 2005, and have since been dwelling within the Belgian underground rock scene. They create a smoking mix of heavy, 70’s & 90’s tinted rock, blended with a dash of space and psychedelics. The music varies from mesmerizing and melodic to pumping straightforward rock&roll. Wheel of Smoke is a musical journey which invites you to join them in realms of cosmic inferno!

Having played many gigs, they are experienced stage hitters, creating spheres of musical and heavy sweetness. Wheel of Smoke joined stages with bands like Baby Woodrose, Hypnos 69, Sungrazer, The Machine, My Sleeping Karma, Ten East, Grifter, Doctor Cyclops, Güacho,… the band has cooperated on several occasions with organizations like Orange Factory and Yellowstock Concerts.

In march 2011 a first album In Sense was released. 2013 saw a new full length Signs of Saturn. 2015 gave birth to an EP called Enter The Pyramid. The band’s latest effort, Mindless Mass, saw release in 2016. Since 2017 they are joined by Johan Overloop, an expert analogue synth builder and player. This made their sound more spacious and broader in spectrum.

The new album ‘Sonic Cure‘ explores the more adventurous side of psychedelic rock and incorporates post-progressive psych-rock elements and harmonic vocals. The concept of the album is based on a fictive story of an unknown far-off planet with giant loudspeakers embedded into its surface that served as sound-healing ritual temples for its alien inhabitants. Let Wheel of Smoke take you on the journey for the quest of Sonic Salvation…