Exclusive preview of Stonemule’s new song “Bitter”:

Stonemule started in 2014 in Koksijde (Belgium), playing mainly a mixture of hardcore and punk. After a line-up change they started writing new songs with a whole new twist. Utilising the power of three(!) singers they step away from the mainstream metal. Thats why you can’t really put them into one category. They mix hardcore, sludge, post, metal, and stoner into a whole new and refreshing sound!

Between 2016 – 2017 2 singles where released, and finally in 2018 their first EP “Dystopian State” became a fact.

In the summer of 2018 Ruben Dewilde decided to part ways with band. Jeroen Steenkiste replaced him. Now the band is working hard on new songs and plans on releasing their debut album in late 2021. Have a listen now to the first song “Bitter” here!

Dumpmagazine wrote the following:

“You can best describe these songs as kyuss coated with sludge, a much needed work attitude and a portion of guts put in front of us on stage. As stubborn mules that do what they want they sew pitchblack riffs with great precision. To paint a pitchblack still with the electric guitar, is a skill possessed by few guitarists. The alternating vocals of front vocalists Tom Vandaele and Benjamin Himpens even created some Mastodon magic.” (Translated from Dutch)

Games, brains, and a headbanging life

“Dystopian State has pretty much confirmed itself as leading the pack for EP of the year.”

Merchants of air

“What Stonemule delivers is a massive blast of hardcore infused stoner metal, laced with grunge and doom and flirting with the extreme. “ – “The result is quite impressive, a blast of sheer energy.”

Riff Relevant

“The concrete-busting STONEMULE are a sound-imbued wrecking crew, of this there is no doubt that can withstand once you hear them. They deliver quite caustic craftsmanship in the song structures of “Dystopian State“, along with the morphing genres impacted within them.”