The Killbots

The Killbots, crowned champions of Limbomania 2003, boast more than just their rugged, worn-out charm. Armed with the ability to unleash an absurd amount of decibels, they deliver the finest hard rock experience the lowlands have to offer. As semifinalists in Rock Rally 2004 and adored by audiences at festivals like Rock Herk, Pukkelpop, Suikerrock, and Zwarte Cross, The Killbots have left an indelible mark on the rock scene.

Over a decade ago, they attempted a permanent return to their home planet but, thanks to a navigation error, found themselves back on Earth. Now, on a mission to fund a new GPS system, they’re gracing stages once again, ready to captivate audiences. Brace yourselves as The Killbots gear up to unleash a new EP, promising a sonic journey that encapsulates their raw, unrelenting spirit.