PR041 – Tangled Horns – Lighter

As Tangled Horns set out to make a new record, suddenly the world around them changed. They started writing when they were cut off from each other, resulting in very different ways of writing and recording.

They wrote about the struggles of their time and their own. The recording happend going through turbulent times and the mixing and mastering came out at the other side.

As Tangled Horns completed this album they took a step back and figured out what it really means. Now they can see it for what it really is: a coping album, the most personal record they ever wrote.

26/01/2023 – Tick
If there’s one thing a hefty pandemic will teach you it’s how precious our time is. Tick is a fast but furious reminder to enjoy the time we have (left).

11/05/2023 – Pig
“PIG” is a powerful and raw depiction of the impact capitalism has on our lives. We see it all around us: the race to accumulate wealth at any cost, the disregard for human lives, and the ever-widening gap between the rich and the rest. Hungry little piggies never stop the digging. In the accompanying music video, Tangled Horns’ front man takes on a giant concrete piggy bank.

23/06/2023 – Pissing In The Wind
This song is a toast, really. A tribute to what is lost and what will never be. A song about holding on and letting go. About standing still and moving on. About good advice and bad memories. About being stuck on a crossroad between hope, regret, future and past. About choosing a direction and taking a first step. It’s about everybody. So here’s a toast to you and all of us. Cheers.
In this video Tim finds himself sunken in thought while attending several parties and gatherings that signify important milestones. It depicts how life sometimes just seems to pass you by.

15/09/2023 – Mug
A children’s choir leads in this grungy, high energy, fast paced rant against the naysayers. Some people stick their necks out to do some good, others rather chop everyone down. And we all get fed up with them sometimes. If you are going to change the world, change it for the better. Right kids?

15/12/2023 – Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs is the darkest and grittiest song of the new album ‘Lighter’.