PR042 – SCRAPE – Shake The Nation

Unleash the sonic rebellion with SCRAPE’s debut EP, ‘Shake The Nation’! 

🔥 Rising from the ashes of THE RG’s, this four-piece powerhouse sheds its RG roots to embrace a bold new identity, characterised by energetic noise rock and post-punk vibes.

🤘 Expanding on the foundations of their acclaimed album “Your Head On A Stick” (Polderrecords, 2021), SCRAPE once again enlisted the guidance of producer Dominiek Hoet to craft a musical journey that breaks conventions. The tracks, more direct and boldly unapologetic, maintain an unwavering melodic core while preserving SCRAPE’s distinctive essence.

💥 Evolving into ‘Shake The Nation’, the EP stands as a testament to SCRAPE’s growth and resilience. Fueled by critical discourse, it delves deep into societal critiques, offering a skeptical perspective on (global) politics, religion, and the intricate web of human behavior.

🎸 Brace yourself for a sonic assault challenging the status quo. SCRAPE’s ‘Shake The Nation’ EP is more than music; it’s a rebellion manifesto, a sonic declaration resonating with the disenchanted souls of the underground. Join the revolution and let the thunderous beats shake the very foundations of your musical universe! 

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The world is not in a good place.
Religion is poison. 
Religion leads to hatred. 
Discrimination and war surround us. 
BUT Don’t underestimate the power of the people! 
Stand up, scream & contribute to change!