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This weekend: The Suspenders & MOTSUS

So, busy weekend coming up for some polderbands! The Suspenders are an a roll – make sure you don’t miss them tonight live @ De Charlie Rockets (BRUGGE). MORE INFO: And tomorownight – in premiere: MOTSUS first show ever!! How exciting is that! Oh, they don’t play on their own – actually – they […]

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sat. Februari 9th: The Suspenders LIVE @ De Versteende Nacht (BRUGGE)

The Suspenders first show with trompet-player Mr. Joris Deruyter! Come check them out this saterday around 9pm! Free Entrance!!! De Versteende Nacht – Langestraat 11 – 8000 BRUGGE – Facebook link for event here.

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Happy New Year!!!

We all wish you a happy New-Year! From – 36 Degrees, Juragay, Nasty Billy Hamilton, Semper Fi, Ten Square Feet, MOTSUS, The Suspenders. MOTSUS started to practice their entire set for their first performance ever (Februari 23th @ J.O.C. ‘t Scharnier – OUDENBURG). And The Suspenders got some reinforcement from a trompet player!!!! Excited? Check […]

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